A pinch of salt

From the dance drama 'The Rising' performed by the Indian Revival Group. A reenactment of the freedom movement from its conception to the realisation of its goal. A scene from the Dandi march.



Spicy-cool curd salad completes the meal :)

Colourful taste

A light rainbow salad, tossed with some olive oil.
Rich green coriander chutney to go with it.

Main course

Chhole - chick peas boiled till soft, then cooked in a rich spicy gravy as accompaniment to the puris.

Golden Puffs

Ready to eat :)

Kneaded indeed

The dough, ready for making puris - golden fried in oil till a little crisp, yet soft.

Roll it out

The next series of pics

Will be related to a delicious lunch I had the other day, step by step :)